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Why Do I Want To Help Narcissists

March 26, 2020

I have no idea, other than I’m fascinated with sociopathy because it runs in my family. They have no idea how narcissistic they are. I’m stunned by their perpetual denial issues fettered with ignorance, only because they just do things on whims. This is shocking, the whims they put themselves through. I’m trying to figure out how to keep my head in my family of narcissists. I mean seriously, they do things to upset people. I’m just floored that my family has like no consideration for me as I’m trying to find a job right now although SSI cannot cut me from the system unless they see I have money, period. I have to file my taxes and print the return for the review. Yes, I stay away from my family, since holiday events are quite boring even if I try to be colorful to lighten things up. You want to be miserable? Oh fine, be that way. In the present as I do not have a degree, I cannot help narcissists, by being myself and NOT drinking threaten them.

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