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Type- 1 Diabetes And Diabetic Coma – Personal Experience

March 27, 2020

My illness came to a head at Girl Scout Camp in 1991. I was finishing the fourth grade as an incoming 5th grader for the next year. I went to Girl Scout camp thinking nothing about going since I had sold enough cookies to pay my way for my troop. My mother sent me there, and I caught a cold. This cold was what triggered my pancreas being on its last legs. I got very ill, having to be isolated from other campers. I was peeing a lot, peeing nonstop in fact. My caregiver was the mother of a camper, who helped me survive the night. I’d like to track her down. I was dreadfully thin that camping trip, and drinking Country Time Lemonade. To this day, whenever I see a package of this flavored drink, I get flashbacks. I somehow got to the hospital when I got home because of a family friend, and that was roughly around the time I fell asleep, got delusional, mumbling about horses. So anyway, yes, I survived since I was in diabetic coma for three days, and on a ventilator, kept on life support. I need to go back to Stanford Hospital to poke around, figure out who were the attending doctors and track them down.

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