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How Acupuncture Works

April 1, 2020

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not for everybody but TCM has sure helped me. Acupuncture involves bringing energy back into balance. Acupuncture has been found as effective in treating chronic pain. It also helps you with the mind-body connection, and when I’m wound up/stressed/pissed off, it helps me calm down. In my understanding, acupuncture has been around for millions of years, and is even an effective treatment for mental illness, since it does calm me down. You do risk pain, and bleeding from the needles, but TCM wants to work on your meridians, which control the amount of yin energy or yang energy you get. Illness is merely caused by the way people’s energies or even their chakras get messed up from ordinary life, abuse issues, or just their mind in general as is the case with most mentally ill people who fight the nasty words you tell yourself on a regular basis. You look for an acupuncturist, from the National Certification Commission in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, (NCCAOM).

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