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Jeff Bezos: How Selfish

April 1, 2020

Jeff Bezos officially has way too much money from his business, which he started with limitations. The wicked media has ways of making things up about people, but mostly these stories can be found with major celebrities such as Meghan Markle. Jeff Bezos does bad things to make himself richer, such as not pay part-time worker’s health care. Now people are protesting Amazon working conditions, and while Bezos started a $2 billion anti-homelessness fund, how do we know that will help at all? The virus would speed through the homeless encampments, found everywhere. But anyway, who is to stand in Bezo’s billions? Few stood up to Steve Jobs, and fewer still stand up to Jeff Bezos. I will be surprised if the strike helps him get the kick in the pants that he needs, to do the right thing.

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