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Other CPTSD Treatments

April 2, 2020

CPTSD is something as treatable as PTSD. Quit stigmatizing people who use therapy like EMDR or other CPTSD treatments/PTSD treatments. PTSD is a current trauma in the immediate present of the sufferer, while CPSTD is long-term trauma found in domestic violence survivors. CPTSD has similar symptoms to PTSD although it means that the PTSD was there a long time, hence the addition of C to PTSD implying it is chronic PTSD. Any treatment plan for either has enable the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which aims to restructure your thoughts, and I was trying to use that form of therapy sophomore year to senior year. Cognitive Processing Therapy actually lets someone have sessions 60-90 minutes while teaching a sufferer how to process their trauma with emotions attached. There are thousands of ways to manage stress available to trauma survivors.

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