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Selfish Rich People Rant

April 4, 2020

Rich people are perceived as selfish because those who have more get seen this way. A normal person with a stable income of $50,000 + a month is someone who has more money than the average person, who lives at $600 a month. SSI folks, we are especially poor because we have to stay that way in order to keep receiving our medical care, or we can see if we can maintain a stable job when we are looked at as coming across being stable. Those in a certain % category of money making can afford a nice big house, while those who are less well off, live within a strict budget. Not every rich person is going to be that selfish, but I imagine many to be since I haven’t hung out with them or their children except in high school. I remember some of their children were nice people but others weren’t so lucky since those kids were drug addicts. More middle class kids were nicer to me though, because they weren’t as stuck up.

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