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What I Watch on TV- Influences Me

April 5, 2020

Watching TV has its own influence, because it means that I’m going to feel things about what I’ve been watching. TV influences people’s moods, which is why I refuse to watch Zombie anything. This is why my family taught me how to censor myself, give or take that I manage to figure out what winds me up. Science fiction doesn’t wind me up so much as you may think. Its horror that I have got to be wary of. Horror, vampire fiction, although Twilight is hilarious in general, as far as the movies go. Today I could stand watching a movie, like Kill Bill 2. Or the Twilight series, or Star Wars episode 9. I now have the nerve to watch the whole Rocky movie collection. But anyway, yes, I have to be wary of what I put into my head because I’m am empath and then some.

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