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Needing A Lemurian Crystal Wand? Why brain? Why?

April 8, 2020

Right now, at this point in my life, I’m trying to learn how to trust myself. I need to learn to trust myself, damn it. Who else can I trust? My family is untrustworthy as hell. They’d rather I go back to drinking. Like hell I’m going back to drinking. Someone with my set of health problems, my disability in general, and my skill set should not touch alcohol, because it could kill me, period. But anyway, I want to get a Lemurian crystal wand if only because it may be useful to help sort out the hot mess in my head that holds many books, poems, short stories, and more. I’m having creative blockages. I’m wondering when I’m going to finish my psychic attack book but I don’t often have the energy to start it.

But anyway, Lemurians were an ancient civilization from a country called Lemuria, which was also called Mu, which came from the South Pacific, 12 million years ago. Apparently something called seed crystals preserves their knowledge and traditional lore. They sent the seed crystals out into the world during the last days of their falling civilization. Laser wands help remove harmful habits or attitudes, like the psychic curse in my head. That’s why my instinct channeled “get a Lemurian crystal” or perhaps a spirit guide demanded me to get one, who knows? I suppose I can meditate with a Lemurian crystal, I need it to balance my writing work that rolls around in my head constantly. I’m trying to use its energy to balance out what is stuffed into my head.

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