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To the Wuhan Virology Lab

April 11, 2020

I feel that you guys owe many different countries on this planet money. How many cases of coronavirus have mild to no symptoms? I have chronic illness like you wouldn’t believe, and here I am still paranoid this Easter Sunday, about contracting coronavirus from people in my neighborhood, or people who deliver my groceries or food. Grocery delivery has worked out great for me, because I get to not over spend and I preserve my budget this way. But you know what, I’m not that pissed off at coronavirus, although the deaths are sure terrifying to hear about. Don’t support the work of people who do not want to work on sustainability for this planet’s ecosystem. They mean to cull the herd, this just gave them an opportunity to blame somebody else. So anyway, China did a good job of containing the situation but now it is the United States’ turn to work on it. California has strict stay at home orders, which I’m following.

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