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Stress Management How to Techniques I Have Worked On

April 17, 2020

Stress management is a part of every day life, but I’ve had limited knowledge on it since I wasn’t in therapy during my school years. Stress is the human body’s way of protecting itself. It is necessary to create a sense of action when you want to take care of yourself by doing what you can to keep yourself safe. Adrenalin and cortisol are triggered when you feel stress in order to make sure you can defend yourself but from elementary school on I was dealing with constant stress daily, from being picked on, from my family, and my teachers. I spent my early years immersed in extreme stress. I have never been able to completely control my stress response but it is in much better shape, having secured proper mental health treatment. I have at least three autoimmune system problems, type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism and low blood platelets that I don’t know enough about to say much on aside from the rule this year is don’t get COVID-19.

My bipolar 1 rapid cycling causes racing thoughts, for sure, because it simply does. But if anything in the present I’m far less stressed out getting colds and flu all the time. Besides, what happens to me psychically means I cannot afford to have a denial complex as bad as my family’s. I can blow things up when really stressed, or objects start moving around without me touching it (telekinesis). I have to be wary of activating both, in front of anybody, much less having it happen with myself as the only witness. I have quit talking myself out of the psychic stuff; I’m doing my best to stay afloat with a positive attitude, which is an internal way of dealing with stress. With my skillset, I simply cannot afford to be super stressed all the time even if my super powers do cause me stress too. I mean, I took this one quiz in The Intuition Guidebook that I lied on the first time, told the truth the second time but either way scored highly psychic on both times. As if that result wasn’t enough to cause me stress. Lol.

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