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The Effects of Stress on the Physical Body

April 18, 2020

Stress causes many things to happen to your physical body. Your heart pounds since it starts to beat faster for one, in particular when you are in panic attack mode. The hypothalamus is a brain structure that sends stress hormones out there whenever your body has to respond to a perceived threat. Too much stress can make a person feel depressed easily, because stress also triggers tension headaches. Stress triggers stomach acid, which can then lead to heartburn, while also causing difficult falling asleep or staying asleep. Stress causes muscles to tense, which makes a person suffering the effects short of breath, while fear and stress are closely linked.

Long-term stress weakens the immune system, which leaves a person vulnerable to infection, also causing stomach problems. Too much exposure to stress increases a risk of heart attack, and raises the blood pressure. Stress makes it harder to conceive for women, and causes erectile dysfunction in men. Missed periods is yet another side effect of stress while stress also causes muscle tension.

Your body needs to harbor a stress response so it can handle a true emergency when blood rushes to the muscles, heart and other important organs. Stress causes over eating, or depriving yourself by not eating enough, substance abuse, and isolating yourself. The stress response itself can make it harder to breath. But the liver knows that sugar is energy, and it produces enough sugar to keep your body functional. Excessive stress can lead to diarrhea, and constipation, because stress can cause nausea, vomiting, and a stomachache. Muscles that tighten up in response to vicious stress causes back pain that can be combined with shoulder pain.

Stress can interfere with hormones in men when testosterone increases for a while but then drops when stress continues. Unrelenting stress is bad for either gender, more so for anybody. Stress could help as an aspect of how you avoid infections, since your body has to heal wounds when necessary. Those who have chronic stress means that people will get the flu, colds, and any other infections that cross their path. This is why resting can be one way to combat stress during the Covid-19 crisis.

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