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Potatoes and Serotonin

April 20, 2020

Serotonin in food is one way to beat stress. French fries are one way to eat potatoes, because it gets into your system faster. Pretzels, and potato chips are another way to get serotonin. You cannot get serotonin by eating a carbless diet, because carbohydrates are necessary. The blood brain barrier keeps an eye on what enters the brain or does not enter the brain. Food gets into your bloodstream and then acts on the brain itself. Carbohydrate consumption allows amino acids to not compete with tryptophan, an amino acid that clogs the gateway to the brain. Potatoes work to increase your serotonin, which then turns into tryptophan, an amino acid that helps you sleep.

Carbs make me feel better, in particular cereals like Cheerios and Kix when I’m very stressed out. These are interesting times because we have the pandemic causing people immense stress. At the very least, I’m trying to cope with stress every which way possible. Rice based food is also something that counts as a serotonin booster. I like using yogurt carbs for this midday. Last night I had Jack in the Box potato wedges with bacon and cheese on it because there was a mix up with my order as I had thought I was ordering egg rolls. Higher serotonin means more rational decisions which medication helps me with. Now that my brain chemicals are fixed compared to what I was up to in high school, I can make much better choices.

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