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Why I’m Pissed At the Ex (A Warning for the New Ones)

April 26, 2020

The ex had a family of enablers who allowed for his dysfunctional drunkenness at parties, weddings, or plain old New Year’s Day. I’m glad I dumped him because I needed to, and that’s the bottom line. The night I dumped him, he cried but got out of this house quickly. I severed all ties and any friendship he thought we could have after I dumped him. I’ve spent the last soon to be four years, avoiding him. And why? Because-I wanted to make a clean break. Again, why? Because he was trash talking my work, like it didn’t mean anything, when in fact, business counseling I’ve had reveals otherwise. So I dumped him. I don’t want a boyfriend right now, period. I don’t want to get married either. This can happen after I get all my degrees.

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