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Why I Used to Be An Ill Person In Childhood

April 29, 2020

Okay, for those of you on the web who do not know this, and for Bay Area old-timers who do not know this, or at least those who knew about my type 1 diabetes hospitalization, fine… I will tell you. I’ve almost died of type 1-diabetes from diabetic coma. You old timers know about this but you’ve been brainwashed as to what happened. I went to Girl Scout camp with pre-diabetes symptoms that were not treated with insulin. I had long thought that people in the Bay think of me as the kid who almost died of diabetes. At the very least that is a pity party I do not want to have. So yeah, that is why I’m eventually going to move to Southern California, I really don’t want to deal with other people’s stigma, which is why I’m looking for a remote job in Southern. I am convinced that the Bay Area feels sorry for me.

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