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Changing the Shape of Gemstones with Energy

May 5, 2020

The first gemstone I ever did that with was malachite. I have a triangular shaped malachite that I not only changed the shape of with my energy, I had also managed to move the object with my energy. This was happening in 2009, while I was experimenting with medication and trying to get stable. It was hard because of familial interference in “don’t see a psychiatrist” territory. I had to eventually in 2012, because I was like, going to get out of my families’ thumb, if it killed me. I’m trying to further navigate out of their thumb by now. I need money to make that happen, and money will be made eventually as today I’m working on looking at online proofreading jobs. I’m not making this gemstone stuff up. I may as well post a picture eventually. I also changed the shape of a hematite and then later a carnelian. It happens every so often. I have no idea how to even begin to duplicate it.

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