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Online Degree In Psychology

May 16, 2020

My plan is to pursue an online degree in psychology, now that every school has an online option for every class that didn’t exist before Covid-19, and I can take Psych 1 and English 1A as the first classes I need to take. English 1A is a class that is a General Ed requirement anyway, and can transfer to De Anza just fine. I have a bunch of general Ed IGETC requirements to finish. If the Graduate school program is online now, I can also get to that point, and take online classes until class meets in person again. Granted, I already have an English degree with English 1A having been taken and passed with a C. I’m interested in taking my classes over again to see if I can pass with an A. I want to take De Anza online English classes to see if I can eventually learn how to pass a proofreading test for an online proofreading job.

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