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Classes I Want to Take From Udemy

May 27, 2020

Because I didn’t go for it with the stimulus check, since I wanted to discipline my spending, Udemy, just raise the prices. I need to take a class on becoming a professional writer, this class is coming out to be very necessary in my life right now. I’m writing this blog so I do not overload myself, as well as giving myself an opportunity to decide what I want based on thinking it through, rather than enrolling in class on impulse. The transcription class is also necessary if I eventually get a job in transcription. Yet I have to figure out a way to make decisions without getting wound up about it. I found an Akashic records class, two actually if you count the self-paced Sara Wiseman class.

Other classes necessary include one on skip tracing, investigative interviewing, and fact checking made easy. Business and Tech writing immersion is cheap at $49.99, but it would seem I always have my hands full with Udacity. My coursework for Udacity is supposed to be self-paced. I can’t get overloaded, and I have to take it one class at a time, one video at a time, and one day at a time.

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