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Money Anxiety

June 5, 2020

You guys already know that I am anxious person with severe anxiety problems due to schizoaffective, anxiety that I need treated by an actual therapist. My anxiety is something that is pervasive in nature, only because it permeates my entire existence. Today I’m writing about money anxiety since having money sets off this form of anxiety. I live with self-limiting beliefs about generating extra income. My knee injury is probably making it difficult to focus on much.

Yes, it has been painful to have but I was trying to be a copywriter from 2017-December 2019. I’m not a compulsive spender but a compulsive saver, who doesn’t always like spending money. I do not feel it is wise to borrow from friends, but only because I will pay them back. I truly do not feel entitled to my money despite knowing I am, and I have many ridiculous money fears. Sometimes I have worked for free, because I’m an undercharger. There is such thing as a group called Underearners Anonymous that someone told me about a long time ago. I do not necessarily hoard. I don’t have an attachment to possessions, necessarily, but I try to keep impulsive spending to a minimum, being careful of how many books I spend money on.

Necessary literature is necessary, and I haven’t overcrowded the other bedroom in this house with my expenses. I’m working on reigning in my manic spending. I do not have a partner to lie about my spending too but at the same time, I will lie to friends I guess. I only have one credit cad so in the end, I feel I have good financial habits. I’m working on them. I guess I would like a financial therapist to help me wrap my brain around money better.

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