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Bridges to Recovery Treatment for PTSD

June 8, 2020

Treatment for PTSD is easier than one might think, although this illness has a lot of components related to anxiety disorders. Sure, I get the flashbacks a lot but they do not cause me radical dysfunction like other people have. Lately I’ve come to realize that my OCD is in better shape than it was when the pandemic started. It is difficult to navigate PTSD, and anxiety during this crisis but I am trying. Six in ten men and five and ten women will face a trauma as messed up to cause PTSD in the long run. PTSD is common among those who have faced military service, and direct combat.

One symptom of PTSD is to have very intense memories of the event, also known as a flashback, which means you relive an event. Getting nightmares may be seen as a literal remembrance of the original trauma. Memories trigger a panic attack, because PTSD folks are quick to anger, easily frustrated, give up easily also, feel fear and anticipate worst-case outcomes. Their mood swings of negative emotions are frequent because stress causes trauma, along with hypervigilance. I have been so stressed this May from flashback mode, that I was anxious the whole month since this crap only gets better in June.

I’ve had symptoms of PTSD for more than a month, for like three years since my family moved to Spain. PTSD can cause impaired function but I already had a messed up, stiff knee to navigate. I have a history of mental illness, and not only a history of MI but I have a history of not having much support after the trauma. I need to rebuild my support system. I’ve had to deal with physical, emotional and sexual victimization since childhood, by those who shall remain nameless but I know I’ve had a long history of being abused.

In college, I was busy indulging in a history of substance abuse, or alcohol and marijuana use. My roommate at some point offered to smoke me out, and I was like, no thanks, that’s for me and the Ex to do since I didn’t know how marijuana would make me react and I didn’t want to do anything stupid while under the influence. I have anxiety and I have schizoaffective, as well as OCD. But let us make one thing clear, I do not have borderline personality. I have tried CBT, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, and want to try EMDR. Bridges to Recovery could very well change my life, and reverse my symptoms.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

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