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Have Faith: This Is What I See Happening

June 11, 2020

Having faith in what could happen is a big part of getting rid of the bad guys, the bad guys who have infiltrated our democracy in the United States. Eventually some of ya’ll are headed for major fall out. The coronavirus crisis has them scared. Some do not know how to weather this crisis as an adult might. I’ve decided to take this crisis as a matter of faith. If something is meant to remove 45 from office, then it will happen. We are not going to be stuck with another four years of him. I feel that he will be removed from office in a spectacular end, since he is criminally minded. His supporters are in the minority, but outspoken. You see, things are changing on this planet; it isn’t just coronavirus and what that has done to us. It is becoming more aware of police brutality as well as the racist that comes along with it.

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