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What I’m Learning In the Sara Wiseman Class

June 12, 2020


The Book of Knowledge is not necessarily like a real physical book, although it looks like a book, although it is a portal and C.S. Lewis uses metaphysical reality as fantasy in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as I see the book Lucy reads is very much like the Book of Knowledge, since it has illustrations, and acts as if a portal leading to another dimension. See, in real life, interdimensional travel can be done inside your head, from astral projection to remote viewing. The Book of Knowledge has pages that can be turned, and it depends on the person since some people can see ancient writing while others see ordinary text. The book’s images come across almost as if they are a movie. In my practice, I looked at the lip sync contest I didn’t participate in while in 8th grade. This vision made me realize where my performance anxiety comes from and why, since I feel performance anxiety when I leave the house.

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