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Money Anxiety

June 18, 2020

I have an unhealthy level of anxiety surrounding the having of money. Not that I mismanage it, I don’t anymore. I’m trying to save money here, by not getting fixated on my view that having money is sinful. I view having less money as being unselfish. But then again I need to be making more money for various projects I have that haven’t gotten started yet like getting a garden together. Having money causes me stress, and I was plenty freaked out about the stimulus check.

What I fear is being manipulated out of having money by my family, that’s what. I feel that the second I make significant income they will swoop in like the nasty vultures they are who do not read any of my Internet articles, or blog. Yes, in fact, they all ignore me because I do not drink anymore. I have money anxiety from stressing about spending money; I have credit card debt I’m working on. I need to look for a part-time gig in the writing field just so I can use my BA in creative writing.

I do not talk about money with family, if they aren’t going to have an honest discussion, then why should I reveal my own status to them? My money, and my health problems are none of my families’ business. I work too much as it is, because I want to prove I’m productive. But that is yet another stress trap I do not want to over do. The article gives four steps to deal with the money anxiety.

The first step is to understand the problem of money anxiety. If you plan your finances ahead of time, you will have less stress about meeting your financial goals. Getting too OCD about saving money is something this article warns causes stress. Planning is the key to managing your debt, which I have been doing. The fourth step in managing financial anxiety is to give your mental space a rest. Feeling lost comes from not understanding where you are going financially as talking about financial worries might help you unburden yourself but in my family, since I don’t trust anybody, I don’t talk to them.

How to get rid of Money Anxiety?

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