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Why I Take Medication

June 23, 2020

Controlling your power is a huge adult responsibility. I do not need your stigma because I take medication. I am putting this out there in public because I feel that medication helps control my talents, in particular the way psychokinesis can make me blow up glass. I need to take medication for all of this only because I feel that I have a responsibility to control my emotions when somebody picks on me. Why? Because in this calendar year, I can shut off cars, which takes a lot of energy, but I can do that to someone who I feel is picking on me. I take medication to prevent misusing my abilities should I have a mood swing. If I get kicked around, by somebody deliberately, there is no telling what might happen, having been subjected to a lot of abusive behaviors towards me in my life caused for no good reason. So I’ve managed to learn that medication helps me not get as angry with narcissists who are bullying me but see, they want me to be the angry one, so I stay away from them.

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