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June 24, 2020

Workaholism is marked by specific symptoms, which can be aggravated by a specific kind of lifestyle or workplace culture. Workaholics have less of a social life, hobby, and generally lack time for much except their work or so they perceive. Workaholism could be considered an addiction-based illness only because a workaholic does not do much aside from work. Workaholics talk about work a lot to the point of not being able to do much other than work. Workaholics get physical pain like headaches, fatigue and indigestion, and bipolar workaholics are prone to mood swings, even as they forget things, like hobbies or their relationships, which balances their personal life. Workaholics are distant from people they are close to. Workaholics get insomnia, a lot from not being able to let go of their work. Workaholics like any addiction, need support from their friends in order to break their addiction.

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