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My Experiences With Workaholism and Caffeine Addiction

June 25, 2020

Workaholism is all about trying to get a lot of work done in anything the addict needs to do this with. I was a caffeine addict in college, trying to survive my chronic fatigue syndrome, while living at home, taking the bus to school, which would more often than not, wind up making me sick with pneumonia or bronchitis. Mr. Hernia does leave ample opportunities for me to get these illnesses. But anyway, caffeine addiction was a thing–I had no idea about in my 20s, although I was also a sugar addict. You see, my illnesses were kept from me, since I didn’t know much about schizoaffective until I took Psych 1 for general ed, and got the idea that I wanted to study psychology, but I did creative writing instead as less of a strain on my mind.

Back then, sugar made me break out in bright red acne pimples. I asked for Proactiv to fix it, and fix it did. But what I needed was a proper mental health diagnosis and proper medication. I guess schizoaffective scared my family. I didn’t know that OCD was something I was also dealing with also. I didn’t know jack because I didn’t have access to the self-help books I have now, or the knowledge from seeing a proper psychiatrist in 2012.

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