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UFOs I Have Seen

July 9, 2020

Back when I was 12, we took a cruise from Los Angeles, to Ensenada, Mexico. I have been to Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and Ensenada in Mexico by the way. My mother and I were out on the deck of a cruise ship, watching a string of five lights turn into a circle, while after that movement it disappeared into the night sky. From then on I was fixated on UFOs as real because I grew up knowing Star Visitors existed. I have trouble talking about this stuff, only from experiencing vicious treatment at the hands of a skeptical chemistry Ph.D. Another time, while I was in Spain–when I was around 17, I thought I saw a UFO in broad daylight. It popped into my head that it was a cargo ship, I saw fly in the sky for a split second of falling, then disappearing into warp or whatever the means of propulsion was. Muros is a beach down that is situated near an American military base. So in the town, there are any numbers of Americans.

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