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College Roommate Experiences

July 10, 2020

My first set of roommates in Fall 2004, were pretty much setting me up for intense drama. They wanted drama while I was working on getting along with them/making sure we all got along. The school set me up to live with people who didn’t choose me for roommate, which is why there was drama in the first place. They were so crazy, calling me retarded to my face, daily, giving me no peace, picking fights, making me the one blamed for them, and throwing obnoxious parties/having people over too much. I found other non-partying roommates with a graduate student, who needed a roommate, and couldn’t find another graduate student. It was a friend of mine, who saved my life by helping me get the school to get me to move. The situation in the house was volatile, unpredictable and laced with jealousy. I was not the unkind person like my family would have some believe,. I was the victim, but I had to deal with the situation.

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