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Don’t Be Dumb, There Really Is A Virus

July 14, 2020

For which I tested negative in terms of my recent COVID test. But, I want to tell the people who take this entire mess in a cavalier manner, there really is a virus. The virus is nasty, it can wipe you out two weeks, or more. Some people have trouble shaking the virus. I do not want to be one of those people. I want to make sure I survive this mess. New York has improved their situation towards having no new cases, this is not true of California, or Florida. I’m worried about the future of the United States in general, and I’m stressing over the existence of the virus itself. I don’t have it only because I’ve avoided people since March. There is a higher likelihood of contracting the virus this time around or knowing someone who has had it since at least two on my Facebook page of 450 people have had the virus.

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