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Non-Profit Fundraiser

July 27, 2020

A fundraiser that WeHelp holds on a property with a fighting rink, where I can push around men twice my size. I’m only 4’10, and in person I’m tiny, but I have muscle. I worked hard in PE cultivating my athletic talent over the years, actually maintaining my muscle at the gym. When I was chunky, I was 139 lbs. too fat, and I looked pregnant but it was not so, which got annoying when people asked. I’m not necessarily a breeder btw, I lost the weight at the gym, without being on a calcium supplement much less Vitamin D, much less magnesium, all of which somebody didn’t tell me about. The point of the fundraiser is to put my martial arts skills on Youtube, pushing around men twice my size, making people bet money on whether or not I can push around someone twice my size using my chi, and it would be cool if this fundraiser had an actual Qigong teacher on hand. The goal is to raise checks for my non-profit.

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