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Time to Fire The Boss

August 3, 2020

As I told my aunt, it is time to fire the boss, since the boss controls your life. I’d rather be the boss in charge of my life, and my time. It is my time we are talking about not your time, so in which case I fire you boss. I’m the boss now. I’m boss man. I’m boss lady. I’m boss woman! I work for myself, baby. I am working for my badass self. You know what, I work super hard, darlings, so anybody who says it isn’t enough is pandering to certain family members who have no idea this blog exists, since I never get hits from certain Spanish speaking countries in Europe. Ahh yes, I have Facebook and a blog but do family ever like it? No… some read though. At the very least at least one cousin reads my Facebook. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, I fire my boss, I work for myself, haha. But I could see myself working part-time if I do get hired at some company.

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