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Women On Writing Articles – New Ideas

August 6, 2020

Authorpreneur ideas are floating around in my head, let’s see if I can latch onto the ideas in this blog post. One authorpreneur, self-publishing idea is the Experience of self-publishing as idea #1. Authorpreneur idea #2 the missing knowledge I have of marketing, my major authorpreneur weakness, and how library books can fix it. #3 is about how to fix the fact my first book got no sales. Idea #4 is about the other books I’m writing in my series, like Journey to Atlantis, which is complicated, and what kind of fictional details I need to work on. Idea #5, what I am learning in my marketing books, a blow-by-blow description. Idea #6, what I’m going to do in the future to improve my marketing plan. For Idea #7, it will involve how to write a marketing plan. My take on idea #8 is to write a business plan for a book, using my sketchy creative writing business knowledge. Then incoming Idea #9 is how to write a query letter for Opening New Dimensions. Idea #10, what are my other books in the series, like #3-7, since I designed it with Harry Potter as a template.

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