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Third Chakra Issues I Know About

August 10, 2020

Well, my third chakra has a hernia in it, which is causing me creative blocks right and left. Creative blocks with fiction, and I’m too run down to work on fan fiction let alone ordinary fiction. Making a living, as a writer is difficult, make no mistake, but I’m up for the challenge. I paid the Internet bill for my parents so they don’t have to, but the thing is, they are not providing me with extra income. But anyway, my third chakra contains my will, which I’m having trouble wielding by controlling my spending on my own. The third chakra is what it is, and my hernia is in a very specific location. It almost didn’t’ show up on a scan, on other tests, it was narrowly missed in fact. But hey, eventually I will get that second endoscopy, with the tracking device installed.

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