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Plot Structure

August 12, 2020

I have listened to some Youtube videos by Alexa Donne, which tells me a lot about modern day writing despite having gone to college in 2004-2007. That exhausted me so much I haven’t gone back to school since, seeing as I do not want to drift headlong into addiction again. You cannot have too much background in the story she said, only because it slows down the story. I started my book, Opening New Dimensions, which massive action. Yes, that is the way I decided to open the story, with a “demon” (alien) possessed fight. Writing action can somewhat is exhausting for me to sustain lately, but that is because I have a hernia and my health problems are impacting my stamina. Plot is referring to everything that happens in a story, as in, first this happens, then that happens, etc. It is why a tightly woven plot full of intrigue ought to cause ambiguity.

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