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A Return to Honor, Where is it Headed?

August 17, 2020

A Return To Honor is about a small planet getting ready to join the Galactic Federation.  I finished the story when somebody gets their memories tampered with.  I have to finish this traumatizing scene so I can finish the rest of the story.  I tried to finish it as a cliffhanger but the thing is it is only one novella.  This novella was one that started a short story in high school.  I wrote off-page stuff for that version but the version I worked on last year, is more or less not quite finished even if I jumped the gun and submitted what I had to Tor.  Tor didn’t take it, probably because it didn’t seem finished to them.  Publishers do not have to take a story, so they chose not to.  In the end, I’m realizing I need to finish this story to even begin to submit it.  I just abandoned the project.


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