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Is Workaholism An Actual Illness?

September 8, 2020

I’m here to submit that yes it is.  I have witnessed my family overwork themselves.  I see that happening all over Silicon Valley.  It is a trend, a rat race culture, we are steeped in it in the Valley.  We have immense trouble extricating ourselves from it.  When I’d drive past Google to get to Toastmaster’s I’d see people on bikes trying to take breaks from the grind.  It is shocking that we in California know how to work hard, and party even harder.  The workaholism breeds a party atmosphere when on break.  It is part of our culture, and that cannot be helped, and as it is I try to stay away from the rat race.  The stress alone is not worth it to me because the effects of stress on the body are cumulative.

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