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What is a Psychic?

September 10, 2020

A psychic is a telepath, a telepath is a psychic.  Psychic means “of the mind” according to my spiritualist church that had much drama going on in it so much so they had to cancel it, or move it to somewhere else where the drama King couldn’t stalk ’em.  A psychic is also a type of professional that gets paid for doing readings or healings on people.  Every religious tradition on this planet has a psychic branch/mystical branch that teaches people how to use their spiritual gifts.  I tried to lie on this one quiz in The Intuition Guidebook, and I didn’t succeed at lying because I still scored high by marking some answers as 1.  Then I managed to not lie again, marking every question a solid 5, and there you go, I scored highly psychic both times. I tried lying, and I’m done lying to you Muggles because it makes me crazy, then I have to keep all the lies straight. I’m fine, really, no, I’m depressed because my blood sugar has been high, and Cthulu scared two of my witch and psychic believing friends away in one week.  I’m not fine because of the California fire season being what it is, and the smoke in the air is making it hard to breathe.

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