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Future Academic Paths: Psychology with a Minor in Social work

September 18, 2020

I’ve always found social work interesting but I don’t want to burn out.  Becoming a clinical psychologist could cause me burn out also.  Completing an AA would knock out a bunch of Bachelor’s level required courses.  Despite being a mentally ill hot mess, I passed psych 1 with a B+ or something.  Long have I put off getting my junior college transcript but I now have three therapists who can light a fire under my hat to get this done. I cannot escape the lure of Math 10, or taking other math classes in general, since I want to motivate myself to study  math by sorting out the pile of papers I have filled with my basic 8th grade math text book or was it 6th grade? I remember where I left off.  I have to organize the pile of papers to my right, and make enough money doing things to buy myself a picnic table for the house. I need to take PSYC 7, statistics for behavioral science, psych 10 research, psych 4 intro to psychobiology, and more. My list for the B.S. is long, and I’m digging myself into a classes grave here so I would benefit seeing a college counselor at Foothill. Fortunately, my women’s studies class was an A grade, so I can honestly say I do not feel the need to retake it.

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