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Why I’m Not Driving Right Now

September 24, 2020

I can’t focus on much aside from my hernia, and what is it doing now?  I can’t have Thai food, Mexican food, Indian food, curry, or spicy of any kind.  I’m so screwed, my friends, really, only because I can’t touch exotic anything.  Those kinds of foods keep me well.  Yes, it does, it keeps me well, only because I use it to keep colds away.  It is a low-grade method of staying well, because I’m allowing myself to sleep enough lately so that I do not wind up pushing myself very hard, and getting stressed.  Mr. Hernia is so pervasive of a condition that I’m careful about walking anywhere further than the dizziness that starts when I walk to the mailbox or the garbage can.  I wheeze when I talk, which makes me not want to talk too much.  Yes, these are signs Mr. hernia has to go.  The car I sold btw, was fixed by its new owner, and can go to Sacramento and back without anything BAD happening. Wow. That’s proof of something you Muggles may not get so I’m keeping my mouth shut.

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