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If I had the Money For Real School

September 25, 2020

If I had the money for real school, I’d enroll in one class per quarter, which is a logical limit until Mr. Hernia is totally removed and I can have onions of any kind again.  But anyway, I’d do one or two classes a quarter, the more class I subject myself to, the more progress I make.  Then again, my school addiction works a certain way, I take many classes, I overload myself, I cry.  These days, because I’m as stable as I am, I’m busy trying to keep my head above water with getting good grades in Greyschool which will consequently keep me insanely busy for a long time to come.  Then if I enroll in normal school, it is all about keeping track of deadlines. My alcohol addiction and my caffeine addiction came from having too much energy and needing to settle down, or having too little energy and needing to perk myself up.  What scares me is missing any relevant deadlines, because school teaches you how to solve work problems.

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