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My Reading On Two Doreen Virtue Books

October 5, 2020

I had friends who were into her work years ago, and who taught me how to sense angels around me.  During dark times, I was wondering if I was losing my faith in otherworldly beings that have always looked out for me.  Angels of Abundance, Heaven’s 11 Messages to Help you Manifest Support, Supply, and Every Form of Abundance had taught me that I need to believe I deserve money, or the things that can come from having money.  I grew up skeptical about this stuff, but I have an idea to start working on my Powerpoint presentation for my psychic network business mentioned earlier today in my blog meanderings. The other book I’m reading, Divine Guidance, How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels, is about listening to divine guidance when you get it in the form of the clairwhatsits.  Claircognizance is my highest talent, something I am not an ignorant 15 year old about anymore.  I know way more about narcissism too.  Eventually I will make money, and it will not be as dark of a relationship as I have with money now.

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