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What is a Microalbumin Test?

October 6, 2020

For all my psychic friends who do not have chronic illness in their lives to drive them crazy because you had a traumatic childhood, I get a microalbumin, or protein in your pee, fasting test done every year.  I have to get my cholesterol checked, seeing as Mr. Hernia is heating up to the point of being a serious health problem I need to get taken care of. I have a bunch of labs I need done, anyway.  This is the life of a type 1 diabetic, and by the way, my diabetes is severe, as I’m a brittle.  Doing long-term battle with type 1 diabetes can do serious harm to your kidneys, so I’m always careful and I always get a kidney test, and I always want that.  See,  If I’m supposed to live the longest human life span to 120 years, and maybe beyond, I’m needing to slow down my aging process by making sure I live long enough to see diabetes cured, something I want to work on myself.

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