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Power of Attorney Job Description and Expectations

October 9, 2020

As a power of attorney, my power of attorney serves to help me make conscious decisions using sound judgment regarding my health care choices.  This is because my family would like to take over my life, stripping me of my legal rights so that I’m meek, helpless, and unable to make concrete decisions.  Long have I sought to prevent this by staying medication consistent?  Yes, I comply with my treatment plans, 100%; they can’t institutionalize me, even though I know this is a plan since nobody reads this blog anyway.  I so rarely get hits from Spain and Chile.  But anyway, my power of attorney will have to give me rides to major medical procedures should there be more of them.  As it is, the one this November, is terrifying enough.

The Power of Attorney ought to understand the dark underbelly of my family that wants to do this to me.  They should be aware of how demeaning they get, but they shouldn’t freak out about it because I can protect myself, from them by being stable.  I am not remotely unstable but gee, hmm, picking fights with me can get me to that point.  Narcissists enjoy fight picking, btw, and my power of attorney need not be one.

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