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October 13, 2020

I need to work on this, as I already have a file open on my USB drive.  This file is going to get into the business of the business I want to start, by showing metaphysical bookshops why it will work out, as a great idea.  I have to find angel investors willing to pay up ahead of time though, when I present my idea as a finished product. I also have been advised to get a provisional patent for the website, which means I have to hire a programmer first.  Or program it myself as I had originally planned?  Maybe not though.  I think I need to see a real business lawyer, since I have to get that patent.  I will have to hire a programmer on work now, pay you later?  I think SCORE counselors are right; I need to get a real job first.  At the very least, I also need to find secure angel investors who maybe, could pay the programmer?

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