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Other Adventures with Writing Being About Commission

October 14, 2020

Okay, ladies and gentlemen who do not know about the writing world, everything in it is about commission save Textbroker International, Inc. that pays you per article.  Yes, I’m trying to make money off of that this week, next week, and forever.  Writing articles does pay very well, it does make the big bucks, but you have to fill a niche for the publication you are writing for.  Queries are necessary to send out so the publication knows whether or not if your piece is a waste of time for them.  Patience is necessary to have in order to eventually get your work out there, and publish.  I have a huge list that’s 72 pages long.  I put this list together from this one writing eBook I got, and sourced possible article ideas.  Income Diary is one market I want to look into but once again, patience.  It takes work to get your big break.

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