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How to Get a Provisional Patent

October 15, 2020

A nonprovisional patent is different from a provisional patent in that the nonprovisional patent has a filing date as good as a provisional patent.  My website idea needs to have a provisional patent according to the legal advice clinic.  I have decided I need more help than I’m getting.  A PPA is not made public until an application number is provided so you don’t have to file a nonprovisional patent, but you do have to file a provisional patent, is my understanding of this situation if I’m reading it correctly at all?  The right form for this that I need is called SB/16- and I get it here: form SB/16 available at  It is necessary to secure the earliest filing date, because PPAs expire after one year, and it cannot be extended or renewed, PPAs are not going to become a patent however. They can only be reviewed under the guise of a published PPA as you can use the term “patent pending” for the duration of a one-year pendency of a PPA.  Yes, this is a lot of legal stuff for me to try to understand with my current ignorance, which is why I need to see a real business lawyer so my next step is still get a job.

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