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This Time Of Year, What It Does To me

October 21, 2020

Okay, I’m a psychic medium, among other things, so this time of year is happening. Although I’ve kept the psychic stuff to a bare minimum this year since the trick is to come to a conscious decision you don’t need to deal with all of it.  I’m not as overrun with otherworldly anything this year.  I’m leading a caffeine-free, chocolate free lifestyle.  Chocolate aggravates my anxiety anyway, and heartburn too.  My acid reflux is only kept under control with mind over body stuff anyway, but at the same time, I appreciate my heartburn medication.  On the 29th, I have to stop taking my heartburn medication.  I may have to wind up paying for elective hernia surgery myself since life without ketchup, chocolate, or onions and garlic is odd.  I can’t have vinegar either.  Fun.  Or raw vegetables. Yes, that was my diet in part, and I was told to stop eating them a few months ago.  This time of year is something I’m trying not to make too intense. The only reason I’m not super stressed is because this year, the heat waves are less intense.

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