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Jobs Like Textbroker, are there any out there?

October 22, 2020

Not so long ago, like as early as last year, I had a job as a work-from-home flexible schedule copywriter on  Then the California AB 5 law began, which affects my work as a freelancer, having to work with jobs in my home state of California.  I’m working on signing up with other websites similar to, since I’ve realized I had wanted to do this while I was focused on Textbroker only.  Now that I see I have more work to do, I’m going to do it.  Many copywriting mills out there could generate income for me.

As of this morning, January 10th, 2020, I have signed up for Copify U.S., I’ve signed up again for using the original email I had put in.  I have visited Constant-Content to see that my application has been rejected.  But anyway, I can always move on to other companies. Some websites like HireWriters have me locked out completely. Textbroker went the way it went because of the new California AB 5 law. So now I’m going to find other jobs. Other jobs exist out there. The universe was doing this as a non-coincidental design. But anyway, I occasionally fail grammar tests, which I can only apply for in the next six months. A website like rejected me so in which case, it means that

This is why I feel I need a grammar class, or an online English class from my local junior colleges. Now Liststiller had a 1000 work from home writing jobs list attached, that I definitely added to this list in this article. I’m trying to find other copywriting jobs here, something I should have done last year, but I was busy trying to focus on one job at a time. Maybe I could see that focus as a mistake. Writers Domain gave me a 73% on the test but the passing grade is 85%. I have to wait six months to try again, sigh, and I have thought about taking a grammar class somewhere online if I can find one.

I signed up for Growth Machine this morning because I wanted to try other websites besides Textbroker. My huge problem last year was that I focused only on one website even if there were others out there. I just lost my work due to a Word crash although I recall researching a website called that has an entrance fee. If I had enough money, I’d pay it to get inside but I don’t. I’m looking for a job right now as it is, or to publish my writing. I’m working on transcription training for this one job, that is keeping me busy but I’m taking a break from. I know when to take a break these days. Websites like Textbroker do exist, such as Copify, the U.S. version. You cannot fool a website with different locations because your IP address is set to your state. I’m working on many projects right now that will keep me busy.

There are other ways of making money while publishing your work in any medium whether it is in print or online. I’m working on finding myself other freelancing gigs. Not every website charges to be able to write for it. Some have really good platforms though that can be easily navigated. I’m working on a bunch of different projects right now that I need to finish. I have to publish my work by now and I feel the need to make extra income. I’m working on writing for but I’m having trouble freelance work in California.

But then again, what else can I do to make money but write articles also? I have signed up for Textbroker alternatives I made a list of, such as Copify, and Iwriter which rejected my application. There is Constant, Writer’s Domain, Scripted, Skyword, but you have to pay attention to what companies are not hiring right now, and there are a few that aren’t but Be A Freelance is a website how to guide. I set up a separate list for blogs I can guest post in. Writerswork is another website for copywriting, and then there is Content Divas.

Some of these websites have fees I cannot necessarily work for right now as they have fees attached to them. Yes, I’m beside myself as I need to make more money this month, it would be nice to make actual money for once. But anyway, moving on with the situation at large, I have to find other jobs that will hire a Californian. Freelance writing online has become a huge industry I can easily take advantage of. I don’t have a paycheck this month from Textbroker, because I have like $14 to claim from them, even as they switched payment systems to Payoneer from Paypal.

Yes, I’m very anxious about not having extra money.  I want to make extra money somehow but I’m not sure if I can get all my articles published the way I want to. Although I did get extra help from family this month, I have to continue to work on organizing a list of articles by topic. Textbroker has many successful clones out there, Copify is currently reviewing my application and will get back to me in longer than the 7 days it has been already. My notes say that Scripted has an application fee I cannot pay until next month, Skyword requires a Twitter account I refuse to have because the structure of Twitter leaves people wide open to cyberbullying, which is why I do not use that platform. has no fees but is not hiring right now, and has me listed as registered but I have to wait around for work. has job postings but they are old. has a charge, and Content Divas is a website I sent my resume to with an email also. I focused on Textbroker exclusively for so long because I have job-hopping tendencies.  I wanted to settle down at one company.

I managed to do that with Textbroker. Now am I ready for a real, remote copywriting position? For the immediate future, my employment situation is solved with work from home jobs. Yes, the work from home job is the wave of the future. The Internet has become indispensable to have in a home office. All you need is a computer of any kind to set yourself up with. You can actually do very well with this situation. Anybody can work from home, indefinitely keeping their mouth shut about their disability or any other pain or suffering they are dealing with. You can hide out at home while maintaining your job, so long as you keep the work from home job around.

See, working from home has been acceptable for a long time by now, since the creation of the Internet itself. But anyway, I have sent out applications to other companies like Textbroker.  There are many clones out there.  There is also the option of publishing articles online, independently written articles that get put on website versions of print magazines although you can also submit to the print magazine itself.  Textbroker had a very good web layout which involved clicking submit, and that is why I stayed with them as long as I managed to.  Finding companies in California is difficult right now but finding a company out of state who won’t hire you because you live in California, impossible.

Textbroker was an awesome company because they used Paypal but they now use Pioneer, something I haven’t figured out yet.  They double-checked my U.S. Citizenship at one point in 2017.  Yes, this freaked me out a touch but it was necessary because they were dealing with undocumented people using the site.  I understood, trying to remain patient with the situation.  I ended my time at Textbroker with having written 1,400 articles more or less.  I had 16 rejections, while trying to do open orders.  They promoted me to level 4 because somehow I managed to get myself that level.  I was never a 5, even if my writing may be good enough for that.  But anyway, yes, I did my work for Textbroker, finding a clone is hard.  I have to wonder if I will find another website to work for.  I want to as there be many to choose from.  I have done my research and will continue to try to find other opportunities, since I do not have a paycheck right now.  I have to rely on survey companies.  Eventually I will be making real money, here, so in which case, I’m going to be able to publish articles.  I have a USB drive from Nick Tubis that is helpful in teaching me how to use Upwork to get freelancer copywriting clients.  I have read up to pg. 33 of that USB drive, and I plan on getting more reading done.

EDITD: As of September 2020, Textbroker allows for California writers again since the California AB 5 bill has been amended and I’m using it, but am now a level 2, given I made some mistakes, with no work available in the 3 section.

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