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October 26, 2020

1.Consistent behavior – they show up when they say they will.

2.They do exactly what they say the will do.They say genuine things that make rational sense, and take medication for their mental health if necessary while staying medication consistent.

3. They are able to hold rational conversations with you, making sense with what they say.

4. They do not have overt mental health symptoms, that they pretend they are not showing.

5. They are pretty much not easily aggravated when you ask them for something like compassion or to talk to you.

6. They are calm people who are not easily agitated, since someone abusive will get easily agitated, pissed, and start yelling.

7. They do not say mean ass shit about people after talking with them, about them to you.

8. They have good things to say to people. The Ex’s mother was like this and so is mine.

9. I’m sick to death of this kind of behavior since I’m the one carrying around years of “mean things she said about Xyz.”

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