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December 6, 2020

Starting my Writing Business/Virtual Assisting Business

Seeing as I have a knee injury and a hernia that will make it hard for me to walk to a neighbor’s house let alone walk to the bus stop or the grocery store, let alone get anywhere by bus.  I’m still trying to make income though, income from home, writing being the original work from home job.  I drag myself out of bed at 6:00 a.m…  I have also found a how to become a ghostwriter class on Facebook.  My business is a freelance writing business.  The name of this business is the name of my wireless network, Tough B. Inc.

I chose this name to be funny, because my mother said that I’m a tough bitch when I originally injured my knee and I was trying to change my set.  My prices for my services are as follows since I need to stay low income for a little while longer.


  1. $10 an hour, or $100 flat fee per project.


  • $200 per project, since I’m just starting out.  I’m interested in the non-fiction market, and fiction although remember, I have my own fiction rattling around in my head which is why I’m self-employed; you can set your own hours.

Article Writing:

  • Depending on the publication, there will be a fee they set as part of my commission so this is up in the air.  

Virtual Assistant

  • $10 an hour, grunt work you don’t have time for.

I also want to get many a work from home job.  At the very least, I know how to keep myself busy.

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