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January 5, 2021

 I bought a copywriting class on Udemy, a great class that has taught me about different forms of copywriting such as press release copywriting.  I’m trying to learn to trust my instincts in every possible way this year.  My instincts matter a lot only because if I trust them, I do well.  Copywriting has taught me that I need to find a niche and that is health and wellness.  I’m learning from a prosperity podcast that in order to manifest things happening, I’m going to have to learn to manifest money by trusting my universe as being friendly.  I’m working on getting myself a good copywriting job.

I’ve been looking at both paid and unpaid internships.  This blog is out there; it presents the facts of my life.  My reality is being expressed here.  If you can’t take the reality of how my reality works, then fine.  I’m a productive person though, who wants a regular dayside job in addition to that of psychic. My copywriting class has taught me that you have to market to folks in a way that makes them want your services.  Your copywriting services will be sold.  It can be sold at any rate.

I’m looking for a real job, so each cover letter is offering my experience.  I’m working on creating a good job for myself.  This is only because I have survived on the SSI cushion too long.  I’m trying my best to finish my books; one is a book on psychic attack using a pen name.  The other is my anti-dating book written for unconventional people.

At any rate, I’m trying my best to get something done with my life to please Green man and what he wants for me.  I’m working myself to death on a holiday week, with high anxiety floating around in my head.  I’m trying to make sure I am keeping my head unafraid since wonderful things can happen soon enough.  I’m scared of my future.  My driver’s license is probably suspended right now but that is because I do not have the energy to drive.

I’m doing the work that I need to get done though in order to stay sane.  My writing keeps me sane no matter what kind of writing it is.  I’m working towards a spectacular life when I start making real money.  All I need money for are books, food, clothing, and school.  That’s it.  I also need to go on hiking adventures, and I’m going to have to pay for insurance.  Anyway, I’m pretty much learning right now that I want money, that I need money, that it is okay to have money.  Mom said it was bad enough I get free medical care; do I have to have a stipend I paid for myself too?  I’m seeing that my mother is her usual off her rocker, crazy with that comment as she needs help but is not getting any.  This is why I avoid people.  But anyway, I’m going to make real money this year, stimulus check or no stimulus check, that’s coming January 11th.  I’m stressing, majorly stressing.  I’m trying not to freak myself out.  It is the end of the month; I always get money guilt at this time.

I managed to manage my money guilt this month very well, and I’m past it now.  I preserved my EBT benefits.  I’m trying to keep my head out of my hat, but I’m feeling holiday depression settling in.  I have to get my hands on that vaccine, only because I feel that I need it.

I’m not paranoid about the vaccine, but being low income is making me paranoid.  Wanting money, I’m scared of losing my pure-heartedness knowing however, that I can’t give it away.  I can’t do that, I have to set furious boundaries.  Yes, I have to have airtight boundaries like- the parents won’t get my money, at all.  I pay for stuff myself, give me the control.  Money causes me anxiety, it causes me paranoia.  I am afraid of money I guess you could say.  I’m learning that I do not have to be paranoid about money, wanting more, earning more, saving it.  I’m trying to make my peace with it.  Copywriting is one way I have to make money.

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